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Samsung galaxy note 9 review and specs

The samsung galaxy note 9 debuted in the first week of august 2018 and it has created a lot of buzz online and on the internet . The samsung galaxy note 9 comes with updated features to the s pen camera battery, processor speed , screen size , screen resolution , Storage Space and overall build quality. It is it is a bigger bump to the samsung galaxy note 8 which has had not too popular ratings.  but the samsung galaxy note 9 is a better iteration of the samsung galaxy note 8 boasting 4000mah of battery capacity. It comes with an autofocus camera lens for sharper images and dual rear camera for better image blur.
 One advantage is the lightness of the phone . it's a tad lighter than the samsung galaxy note 8 even with its bigger screen and bigger battery. The s pen doubles as a remote control for the phone in that you can use it to take selfies and pictures even when you're a distance from the phone it can also control all the features apart from the camera. The samsung gala…

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