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Top 10 Worst Phones of All Time

Nokia N-Gage

The history of widespread mobile phone use may only be a decade old, but this hasn't stopped our favourite phone makers from releasing a doozy or two in this time. So clip a peg to your nose as we take you through a rogue's gallery of our worst phones of all time.
Our criteria was pretty simple; we cast our minds back, and remembered the phones that made us laugh or made us cry out in frustration, or the ones that had us scratching our heads and wondering, "who gets paid to think up these terrible concepts?".
These phones are all taken from our archive of reviews, but if you had a stinker of a mobile phone and it hasn't been listed here, tell us about it in the comments below.
With the recent explosion of mobile gaming, you could argue that Nokia was simply ahead of its time. We'd argue that Nokia just didn't think through the concept enough to realise that it all hinged on how many awesome games you could deliver.
It was also quite an awkwa…