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The Samsung Galaxy Note Chronicles !

The Samsung Galaxy Note Series heralded the advent of the big screen smartphone genre, paving way for a series of smartphones that were as functional as they were fast, with a larger than average screen real estate for better readability and overall accessibility and functionality. The Note series are supposedly and assuredly the Flagbearers when it comes to specs, speed, high performance and core ruggedity. with slightly higher bumps in Processor speed, Ram Size , general form factor and overall design . The Note series strut the almighty S Pen, a physical pen that lets you write notes, draw sketches, navigate your phone among a wide array of other featuretes. Currently the S Pen is useful as a remote control on the Samsung Galaxy Note 9 for remotely pausing and playing media and also to remotely take pictures and selfies.
From the Samsung Galaxy Note 1 which was launched in October 2011 which boasted a 5.3 inch screen, 8mp camera, 1gb ram space and 2500mah battery to the Samsung Ga…