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Blackberry Bold 5 9930 (₦12,000 )

Still one the highest grossing Blackberry smartphones in terms of sales figures, subscriber info and global user base, The Blackberry Bold 5  9930/9900 has been a household name for a while now being a favorite among entrepreneurs, young adults and  business owners alike. Its manufacturer 'Blackberry" was considered one of the major smartphone vendors in the world, specializing in secure communications and mobile productivity.

The Blackberry Bold 5 9930/9900 is one to beat with its premium metallic chassis and unparralled convenience of use . Its quite handy and very durable . Made specially for those on the go with an exceptionally strong battery life and a fair enough camera.

Now on sale at " The Hub" stores ikeja .
Fairly used Grade A good quality Blackberry Bold 5 9930 in almost new condition with six months guarantee at Blackberryhub Stores Ikeja Price ( ₦12,000)

BLACKBERRY BOLD 5 9930 (₦12,000)
BLACKBERRYHUB STORES IKEJA . No 20, Otigba Street (Shop 33) Ladma…