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Before You start Building Android Mobile Apps.

I am of the opinion that developing an Android app isn’t a very tough job when you have a clear understanding of the basics. If you are a first-time developer, do not eye to create magnum opus but focus upon building a small app so that you understand how it works. According to me, every app developer should aim to make his/her app simple and emphasis upon building something with an objective. In this post, I will discuss how it can be implemented in few simple steps and throw light on the varied key nuances such as initial inception, ideation, uploading the app to the Play store.      • Ideation - Before initiating app development, you need a viable idea of what you aim to create. Learning becomes easier when you are working towards a project as it creates context and direction. Hence, the first step towards ideation is understanding what you aim to create. The focus should be on creating something that is simple, fun and interesting.
Create a wireframe – After you have the app id…