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Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge Plus Review

The Samsung galaxy s6 edge plus is Samsung latest addition to the Phablet family it is not so different from the Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge except for the 5.7 inch display boasting about 557 PPI pixel density. Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge possesses 2 Edge screen that's useful as a shortcut to various applications.. the Samsung Galaxy Edge S6 Edge comes with 4 gig of RAM and dual-core exynos processor. The phone is quite a beauty to behold with its premium metallic and glass design. it is quite handy and has a firm grip. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge possesses  Super HD back and front camera recording at 1080p and 60 FPS. With a 3800mah battery . Available in 32gb ad 64gb variants. The Samsung Galaxy S6 Edge was introduced late 2015 it has been a favorite among Phablet lovers. It comes in gold blue and white colors. Now available at the Hub stores  ₦149,000 naira. Place an order for delivery today all visit us at our office
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