Price N42,000 *[NEW]* Now on Sale @ Blackberry Hub Ikeja . Tel 08032271102 08053526054
This New Generation Gaming console was released this Febuary as a sequel to the PS 3 with full Touch screen controls life-like imaging and graphics . Be mesmerised in a world of Reality Gaming that uses Real life environments in Gamepley . You can only own one to feel what Next Generation Portable Gaming feels like . Price N45,000 .

tel 08032271102 08053526054

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SONY Playstation VITA (New!!)
Game Console On sale !!! at N45,000

Play Uncharted 3 , Golden Abyss . Need for Speed : Shift and Reality Fighters on the New ! *PS.Vita * Now available at Blackberry Hub for N48,000 call 08032271102 , 08053526054. Real life gaming takes cognisance of your environment and adapts it into gameplay . Front and rear cameras takes pictures of you and adapts it to game characters and more!!
The physical design is an evolution of the PSP Slim
and Lite, the front dominated by the whopping 5- inch screen, with the dual analog pads to either
side, the D-Pad on the left and the face buttons on the right, in a layout that will immediately seem
natural to anyone famiiar wth a dual-shock 3 controller.

08032271102 08053526054

Of course, PlayStation Vita has only two shoulder buttons, modelled in clear pespex to maintain the unit’s elegant lines, but - as we’ll see later - this is less of an issue than it might seem.
Vita feels light and comfortable in your hands, and while the position of the sticks takes a little getting used to, it’s a very easy handheld to use for long periods - much more so than the rather cramp-
inducing 3DS. At 280g, it’s comfortably light as