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Introducing The BLACKBERRY MECURY "Smartphone with Android Nougat and Qwerty Keyboard

The Blackberry Brand is not dead as most people would presume . Recently released from the stables of the smartphone manufacturer Blackberry is The BLACKBERRY MECURY SMARTPHONE which runs on android nougat 7.0 and comes with a combination of features and specs taken from older model blackberies like the Dtek 60 and the blackberry priv.

The glory days of BlackBerry as the top smartphone maker may be over, but the company is not giving up in making that huge comeback in the competition. After releasing Android touchscreen phones DTEK50 and DTEK60 with its Chinese partner TCL, BlackBerry is back with another handset that is definitely turning heads because of its unique form factor in a sea of chocolate bar mobile phones.

At a recent event , BlackBerry and TCL teased consumers with the first prototype of its Mercury handset. What’s catching the attention of many is the beautiful combination of a large touchscreen and BlackBerry’s classic QWERTY keyboard. Unlike its previous attempts with the Passport and PRIV however, this one doesn’t appear to be gimmicky though it borrows certain elements from the aforesaid devices.
The design of the new BlackBerry is a combination of straight lines and graceful curves. The metal bezel channels the BlackBerry Passport Silver Edition, and it really does. In fact, the BlackBerry Mercury could pass as the slimmer version of the squarish Passport.
Meanwhile, though the handset does have that same rectangular shape as the PRIV, it builds its own name by rocking a permanent keyboard at the bottom and not one that requires a slide-out motion to access. In effect, it’s bottom part will remind users of BlackBerry’s classic QWERTY handsets, while the top part conforms to the touchscreen standard of modern phones.
In its video review, Android Authority points out how the new BlackBerry is made of metal save for the back panel, which is more of a soft touch material that feels just like leather. The tech site lauds this design combo, for it makes the device “grippy” and “easy to hold on to.” Furthermore, despite finding the device a little bit thicker by today’s standards, the tech site still recognized how the build quality of the Mercury felt “extremely nice.”
BlackBerry did not forget to incorporate capacitive touch input into its classic keyboard, so just like its self-made handsets the Mercury can respond to gesture controls on its keys. Users can interact with the touchscreen without laying a finger on it. The swiping gesture on the keyboard would already provide users with a means to control the software. Of course, there is still an on-screen keyboard for those who like to use touchscreen input for texts from time to time.
The official specs and features of the BlackBerry Mercury are still not allowed to circulate as of this time, but previous rumors have claimed the space bar doubles as a fingerprint scanner. There were also speculations of the device having a 1620 x 1080p display. If there’s one thing that is confirmed at this point, it’s the presence of Android 7.0 Nougat on the smartphone. However, there is no telling yet if the company tweaked some aspects of the OS to make it more distinct for its upcoming handset.

THE BLACKBERRY DTEK60 Is SPEEDY, SECURE And Would Blow your mind Away. Best Review here !

The Blackberry DTEK60 finally arrives and it is definitely nothing short of premium perfection with features and design specs on par with all other premium smartphones out there . Receiving critical acclaim and favourable ratings from reviewers everywhere, the BLACKBERRY DTEK60 is a promising smartphone and is surely going to be one smartphone to look out for in the coming year. 

With the BLACKBERRY company discontinuing production on all its hardware and handing over all hardware production to a different company.
So lets get down to all the features and gizmos that really makes the Blackberry DTEK60 truly stand out .
First on the list is the most important factor of all, The PERFORMANCE, Blackberry DTEK60 boasts a top of the range high performance Qualcomm Snapdragon 820 Processor This is a quad-core model with cores running at 2.15GHz and 1.6GHz. It's backed with 4GB of RAM. So you dont have to worry about stutterring speeds and performance lags on this one.
BlackBerry DTEK60 uses an upgraded 2560x1440 Quad HD panel with a 5.5 inch AMOLED display that is stunningly bright, and plenty sharp at 534ppi pixel density which is 4 times the number of pixels seen on a standard High Definition TV. It also boasts a curved glass layer that covers the display, with this slight tapering helping to set it apart from the hordes of plain Android smartphones. It is scratch and smudge resistant too.
The Blackberry DTEK60 sports a premium glass and aluminium unibody design, in a mix of black silver and grey materials giving it that characteristic blackberry look and still maintaining a premium feel and look unlike anything blackberry has ever made. It is 6.9mm thick making it of  the thinnest smartphones out there and the slimmest blackberry has ever made. It has dual front and rear speakers . Audio output is controlled by JBL's Waves MaxxAudio, it is recommend turning off the 'Auto select' mode, and tweaking the settings in order to get the best results.

The rear-mounted 21MP camera is built around a Sony IMX230 sensor, the f/2.0 aperture is perfunctory, but Phase Detection Auto Focus (PDAF) and dual-tone LED flash are both nice additions. It impresses in its speed too as time taken to switch into shooting mode and fire the shutter is almost instantaneous.
It comes with built-in filters, and a useful HDR mode. In addition, a manual mode offers white balance, shutter speed, ISO sensitivity, and exposure compensation for greater control.
The Blackberry DTEK60 comes preloaded with Android marshmallow 6.0 Os. With blackberry's customary Productivity tab for easier access to emails messages and notifications with just a single upward swipe from the homescreen .
Blackberry also boasts that the security on this device is top notch and world class.  With 32gb onboard memory and memory card slot allowing upgrades to as much as 2 Terrabytes (2TB) with micro SD. And also a 3000mah battery will keep you engrossed and online the whole day with little need for a charge except for heavy usage.
Check out a rundown of Blackberry DTEK60 Specs here and let us know in a comment below what you think of the latest installment from Blackberry .
Release date        :    October 2016
Dimensions          :    153.90mm x 75.40mm x 7.00mm
Weight                   :     165.00g
Battery capacity   :     3000 mah
Screen size           :     5.50 inches
Resolution             :    1440x2560 pixels
Pixels per inch      :      534 ppi
Processor              :    1.6 GHz quad-core
Processor make  :      Qualcomm Snapdragon 820
RAM                      :      4GB
Internal storage    :      32GB
Expandable storage:   YES 2TB (micro sd)
Rear camera         :      21-megapixel
Flash                     :      Yes
Front camera        :      8-megapixel
SOFTWARE           :      Operating SystemAndroid 6.0

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