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Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5,  Samsung's flagship Phablet device for 2015 comes prepped with tons of improvements and new features with a 4gb ram and a 64bit processor and the ever so classy S Pen. The Note 5 is an exceptionally great phone and take our word for it, it outperforms almost every other smartphone out there with its surprisingly gorgeous screen It’s Samsung’s usual Super AMOLED setup, but as with its other recent phones, Samsung has figured out the right color balance and brightness settings for most users. It’s vivid without being garish and has a minimal air gap between the glass and pixels.

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The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 has a perfectly strewn glass and metal design, square edges and a slim design weighing less than any other smartphone in the note series . It's quite grippy with a solid feel to it . Its only compromise is its lack of expandable battery and removable battery but that is compensated for provision of a generous 32gb/64gb internal storage . With 3000Mah battery Capacity and fast charging capability, the samsung galaxy note 5 has and efficient user friendly battery life.
The samsung note 5's camera is a 16 megapixel Full HD supercamera whose images are as vivid as they are sharp . You could see the amazing detail firsthand when you launch the camera app . Taking beautiful pictures becomes so easy with the note 5's almost perfectly focussed camera plus you can tweak the default settings to your choice, and there are so many picture options to choose from .
In all , the Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is almost unarguably one of the best smartphones till date with a little bit of everything packed into one amazing gorgeous looking smartphone . Did we forget to mention the 5mp front camera with a wide angle amazing for taking selfies.
Samsung Galaxy Note 5 Price (₦ 152,000)
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