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4G LTE Everything You Need To KNOW about 4G LTE in Nigeria, Data Plans and Subscription Codes

The much-anticipated 4G LTE service is now available in Nigeria and soon everyone would be able to browse at 4G speeds. The 4G LTE service was first launched buy MTN Nigeria early this year. Followed later by globacom Nigeria and finally etisalat. Airtel is yet to upgrade to the 4G LTE service and that should be expected very soon. According to survey and reports the 4G LTE band boasts speeds of up to 100 megabytes per second but actual speeds off 4 to 8 megabytes have been noticed on LTE enabled devices. LTE is presumably faster then the regular 3G hsdpa.To subscribe to 4G LTE you must have a 4G LTE enabled device secondly you must upgrade your sim card to a universal Sim or U Sim . Finally you can subscribe to any of the LTE data plans available for your network. As usual GLO LTE data plans are the cheapest for now followed by etisalat and finally MTN.But if you prefer speed over affordability MTN tops the list as the fastest 4G LTE service provider followed by etisalat and finally …