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Sunday, March 10, 2019

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Premium Perfection ! Review and Specs

To review the samsung galaxy s10 plus it's like reviewing a perfectly sublime and polished masterpiece. Its just praises and praises galore. From its very huge vibrant oled bezel-less display, which is the biggest and brightest on any smartphone till date to its very large and powerful battery boasting about 4100mah of battery power, and 12 gig of ram space. A very advanced samsung one ui user interface .This smartphone boasts an incredibly exceptional performance benchmark, and tons of features and improvements. it is every inch as perfect as can be. Bearing in mind Samsung's Customary tradition of leaving virtually nothing behind and packing their flagship smartphones to the brim . Personally this precursor to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which i use ; The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Perfect in its own right, But the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is "Perferter" if im allowed to use that word, Considering i use it for everything, as it has taken over half of my existence. For example i wake up every morning and pick up my Samsung Galaxy Note 9 to check the time and immediately, im beguiled and fascinated as the oled screen bedazzles my retina, as my notifications and messages drops in and distracts me, i quickly scroll through them, then i connect my smartphone through bluetooth to my Home sound system, as the crispy clear sound edited by the Jet audio app blasts through my Tympanium as i multitask and take notes while i also connect my phone through "Smart things' to my 4k HDR Smart tv and stream the display from tv to my smartphone as i turn on my PS4 Pro and use my smartphone as a miniature display device as i boost testosterone playing 4k HDR games, relunctantly reaching out with one hand for a cup of early morning coffee, whilst holding my smartphone in the other hand, you get the idea. The Samsung S10 + smartphone and is predecessors are supposedly the best tools ever made by man since the club was invented in the prehistoric caveman era. Now back to our review. Lets check out the Specs of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review
Processor : Snapdragon 855
RAM : 8 or 12GB
Storage : 128, 256, 512GB, 1TB (plus microSD slot)
Display : 6.4" curved OLED, Quad HD (1440 x 3040) with HDR10+

Battery : 4100mAh with 15 watt Qualcomm Quick Charge 2.0, 15 watt wireless fast charging

Rear cameras: 12MP f/1.5-2.6 (primary), 12MP f/2.4 (telephoto), 16MP f/2.2 (ultra-wide)

Front cameras : 10MP f/1.9 (primary), 8MP f/2.2 (wide angle, secondary)

Software : Android 9 Pie with Samsung OneUI Interface

Headphone jack : Yes
Fingerprint sensor : In-display, ultrasonic
Ruggedization : IP68 Waterproof

Measurements : 157.6 x 74.1 x 7.8 mm, 175g

Form Factor : Unibody Glass and Metal Infinite bezelles Display, with In Display wide angle Selfie Camera
Price : Pre Order ₦350,000

Pros and Advantages of the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus

Display :~The best ever, but better than that. Samsung continues to dominate smartphone screens.

OneUI : ~This is the best Samsung's software has ever been, and breakout features like night mode and the bottom-focused navigation seal the deal. The software has finally (mostly) caught up to the hardware.

Features : ~ It's got it all, wireless charging (and in reverse!) you can charge other devices with this smartphone. , a headphone jack, Samsung Pay, IP68 waterproof capability, microSD - the list goes on and on Samsung leaves very little out.

Performance : ~The Snapdragon 855 and 8GB of RAM make this phone seem almost indomitable It never slows down. with 12gb of ram on some versions.

Battery life : ~ It goes and goes and and then it goes some more according to reviews. That's pretty impressive.

The Samsung Galaxy S10 boasts an in display fingerprint scanner thats convenient for use, for those who do not want to keep reaching to the back of the phone to unlock their smartphone . taking advantage of an ultrasonic sensor underneath the display that scans your fingerprint and unlocks your phone in an instant .

But hardware is also where the S10+ shines, in its way, because this phone really does have everything. Samsung Pay works not just with NFC, but traditional card swipe readers. There’s 15 watt wireless charging (and up to 9W reverse wireless charging). A 3.5mm headphone jack (praise be). USB-C. A microSD card slot. Haptic feedback that, in my estimation, is 80% of the way to Google’s on the Pixel 3 XL (pro tip: turn down the typing haptics one notch, then they're perfect). An ultra-bright OLED screen that just can’t be beat. IP68 waterproofing. A powerful bottom-firing speaker with a second up front for stereo. There are not many things that the Galaxy S10+ does not have, and that’s been the Samsung flagship ethos for years now. The difference this time is that the rest of the package finally backs up the bullet points (at least for the most part)

The S10 is a striking achievement for Samsung and is widely regarded as one of the best Android devices ever made

The Samsung galaxy s10 boasts 5 cameras. A great percentage of which are used as for taking wide-angle selfies and for image blur and other new iterations to improve picture quality, originality and overall sharpness . Not too shabby for a 2019 flagship smartphone. Though at this point I dare say there is need for much improvement compared to the cameras on the apple 10 series smartphones

Overall the samsung galaxy s10 plus is undoubtedly of the best smartphones ever made. and is Worth every penny.

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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Review