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Samsung galaxy Note 5 review

The Samsung Galaxy Note 5 is premium perfection in its entirety . A Smartphone fully Maxed out to suit every need and functionality imaginable . From 4gb of ram space to an outstanding Exynos Snapdragon processor The Samsung galaxy note 5 is one to beat with its premium metal and glass design strewn seamlessly into a flawless symmetry of premium Perfection . At first sight, it is easy to fall in love with is premium looks and feel . it feels heavy enough to allow for maximum grip and its glassy exterior gives it a sturdy appearance .

The S pen is an added advantage as outstanding bounds of improvements have been made to its functionality and usability . Quite remarkable is the pen writing feature that recognises easily even the most unrecognisable Squibbles of writing translating it in quick time into precise text, you hardly need to correct yourseIf . its almost like the S pen can read your mind. It is perfect for jotting and taking down notes . with android Marshmallow out on the S…