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GADGET CORE'S " I PHONE X " Price & Spec Review

The Apple I Phone X is nothing short of premium magnificence . With a ton features and improvements that beat the imagination. Theres a lot to say about the sheer brilliance of apple's 10th iteration to the 1st gen i phone. With a screen that stretches from edge to edge, better, more vivid display and of course it is Apple' s first OLED display smartphone with more vibrant colors . Boasting 5.8 inches of screen real estate, The i phone x' s multimedia capabilities is on par with many other premium smartphones out there.

Apple has ditched the popular home button . and gone for an almost bezelless display . with face id and retina scan replacing the fingerprint scanner. The camera is very much improved, like the iPhone 8 Plus, it captures photos reliably and shoots detail-packed, steady 4K video.
On its rear, the iPhone X has two 12MP rear cameras, both equipped with OIS (optical image stabilisation) and phase detect autofocus. One is a wide angle f/1.8 camera, the other a…