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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Favourable Reviews and Star Rating for Blackberryhub Stores Ikeja

My friend fell in love with the Samsung Galaxy S4 and asked me to buy one on her behalf. Based on her budget, we figured we’d have to get a used S4 #studentlife.

I started the search for a reliable used phone vendor and came across the Blackberryhub Blog. Blackberryhub specialises in phone repairs and sales of UK used phones (think Samsung,  iPhone, Blackberry etc). On their blog, I found a used S4 on sale for about 40, 000 Naira, which I thought was reasonable. So I made plans to visit the Blackberryhub location in Ikeja and buy the device.

The Blackberryhub Ikeja location is in the heart of otigba street in Computer Village.  It is not easy to locate because there is no signage but, trust me, I found my way. Blackberryhub is located upstairs and has about 3 adjacent shops.

Once I got into the store I noticed there were a lot of customers. I waited my turn and was attended to by a very friendly sales attendant lady who politely asked me about the phone I was interested in. I told her exactly what I wanted and she promptly got me the phone/color I’d asked for. After making payment, the sales attendant took my new phone to the other shop to cut/fit the sim and I sharply followed her because you can never trust computer village. By the way, I paid for the phone via cash as POS wasn’t available.

Phones from Blackberryhub come with a six months warranty (not inclusive of damaged screens). Blackberryhub also offers phone deliveries at a token fee

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