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Sunday, June 30, 2019

Pioneer GSM Phone Manufacturers , Where did they all go ?

Tribute to all the fallen soldiers from the Pre-GSM days .. All the old phone makers from the kryptic years  .. Where did all the Relic phone makers go


Say what you may about these phone brands , they actually heralded the advent of cellphone/gsm" phono-cracy" in Nigeria and leave us feeling nostalgia, reminiscing about , polyphonic ringtones, java games , jar file downloads, 3gp videos , jpeg images, and MMS , those were the good old days. Then , phone Cameras were a luxury. and qwerty keyboards were future tech, Then, an MP3 song would take one hour to download as you agonisingly and painfully wait as kilobyte after kilobyte streamed from the EDGE network into your phone . Econet wireless jingles screamed from tv and radio stations advertising sim cards worth ₦20,000 naira and above .. with data plans that were more expensive than the phones themselves. Replacement chargers were desktop chargers from back in the day . and every phone had a removable battery. What other brand of decrepit phone maker do you remember from the old days that dont exist anymore ? feel free to leave a comment here in the comments section below ..