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Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus Premium Perfection ! Review and Specs

To review the samsung galaxy s10 plus it's like reviewing a perfectly sublime and polished masterpiece. Its just praises and praises galore. From its very huge vibrant oled bezel-less display, which is the biggest and brightest on any smartphone till date to its very large and powerful battery boasting about 4100mah of battery power, and 12 gig of ram space. A very advanced samsung one ui user interface .This smartphone boasts an incredibly exceptional performance benchmark, and tons of features and improvements. it is every inch as perfect as can be. Bearing in mind Samsung's Customary tradition of leaving virtually nothing behind and packing their flagship smartphones to the brim . Personally this precursor to the Samsung Galaxy S10 Plus which i use ; The Samsung Galaxy Note 9 is Perfect in its own right, But the Samsung Galaxy S10 + is "Perferter" if im allowed to use that word, Considering i use it for everything, as it has taken over half of my existence. For …